Basic metal from Kristianstad Sweden

Back from the USA with Black Diamond

two of the four desided to leave the band.

Left in the ashes stood Micke and Mange

wondering: "What the hell happened?"

Would they stop playing,

or step out of the grave and push on....

They choosed to push on!

They found a new bassplayer in Manges old bandmember from Demolator, Dennis.

Now Black Judas was three...

The question now was, who would join Mange on guitar?

Dennis talked to his friend Henrik.

Henrik joined us for a couple of rehersals

and Micke and Mange desided to give him a chance.

The quartet continued with rehersal

of the old songs from the 

"Dissident Aggressor" era, and also adding a few new songs.

The discussion of a studiorecording started coming up.

In the middle of all this, almost out of nowhere, the name Måns pupped up

The singer from the band

"Enslave the brave" obviously were free

so Henrik reached out to him and asked if he would like to join us.

He came, tryed us out, and gave us the thumbs up!

So Black Judas today is a band with five members.

Micke - drums

Mange - Guitar/solo/song

Dennis - Bassguitar

Måns - Song

Henrik - Guitar 

The setting feels good and solid

and a grate base for the future to come

The music is basic metal from Sweden

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